Welcome to École Centrale de Lyon

Centrale Lyon is one of the leading scientific graduate schools in France. Steeped in history, Ecole Centrale de Lyon is evolving while continuing to preserve the qualities that fortify its strengths, bolster its prestige and reinforce its appeal.

Our mission: ‘To instil general engineers with a solid scientific and technical background along with a broad world view and the ability to adapt to changing and multi-cultural environments’. Our students will excel in the sciences. They will put them into practice through an open education approach (directed study in labs, practical work, study projects, skills-based approach, internships) and through the teaching of human and social sciences, which are essential for personal development and workplace life.

The energy to embark on new ventures, the strength to act boldly and the courage and desire to always strive to go further guide our students in their journey to become curious engineers, trained in other fields and active participants in their own futures.

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